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What is the BSS code?

The BSS code is about understanding our totality.

BSS stands for the Body, Spirit and the Soul. 

We will use the BSS code to understand the bigger picture about ourselves. 

What is the true meaning of being a Human?

Is it satisfying the carnal body pleasure?

Is it only going after our Higher self and ignoring our body?

And what is the Spirit?

We will attempt to delve into our ultimate realities using the BSS code. The BSS code is not a one time user guide but it is a life time guide in understanding one's totality. The more you can connect with the different bodies within you the more you will understand the true essense of being a Human.

Spirit stands for our Mind. Our Mind is further divided into two components. The first component is refered to as the Conscious Mind. It is known as the Male gender of the Mind. The second component is known as the Subconcious Mind, which is the female gender of the mind. The Male component of our mind is refered to as the Active Mind while the Female component is known as the Passive mind.

The Soul stands for the Supra Conscious part of our mind, which currently is operating on a very low, minute level. We can refer the Soul as the Divine Software within which directly connects with the Universal Mind. All the Psychic Power like Intuition, Clairaudience and Telepathy come from the realm of the Soul. These extra sensory abilities are ready to be tapped provided the necessary inner work to prepare the Spirit (mind) have been accomplished.

Many people will say all those abilities are Super Powers and can only be accomplished by a Saint or a Priest. The abilities which we label as Super Powers are in reality our natural abililties which every Human Being is born with but most of us know nothing about them.

This website is all about being a true Human. Currently we are in category of "Humanoid" (something closer to a Human - SubHuman). This website is all about "Yourself". The more you know the true "Face" the faster you will arrive at Home.

The site is divided into 5 parts.

  1. The Physical Body 
  2. The Chi Body (Spirit/Mind Body)
  3. The Emotional Body (Spirit/Mind Body)
  4. The Mental Body (Spirit/Mind Body)
  5. The Psychic Body (Soul/Supra Conscious Body)

There will be brief Introduction on each of these bodies and there functions. Check out the relevant Blog article sections for more information and explanation on each bodies. Also remember that each of the above body are interlaced and function in conjuction with the other.

You can leave your comments and views about the Website information at our Guest Book.

I welcome you once again

Nadeem Mohamed





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